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Repair Process

The Following Steps will take you through the repair process in oder to show
our customers the quality and time we spend to ensure your vechile to be as
good as new when you receive it back.
Please click on the corresponding number to follow the steps in the repair process


step-1-damaged-vehicle-repair-process-barneys-panel-beatersStep 1: Damaged Vehicle

This is the condition of the accident damaged vehicle where after a quotation will be made.
The Vehicle must be accessed by an insurance assessor. After the assessor approve the quotation work can be continued.

step-2-strip-damaged-vehicle-repair-process-barneys-panel-beatersStep 2: Strip Damaged Vehicle
Remove parts and assemble the vehicle on a chassis machine

step-3-straighten-chassis-repair-process-barneys-panel-beatersStep 3: Chassis Straiten

step-4-damaged-chassis-panels-removed-repair-process-barneys-panel-beatersStep 4: Damaged Chassis panels removed

step-5-new-chassis-panels-assembled-to-vehicle-repair-process-barneys-panel-beatersStep 5: New Chassis panels assembled to vehicle

step-6-inner-panels-and-chassis-sealed-with-a-rust-resistent-resin-rubberrised-repair-process-barneys-panel-beatersStep 6: Inner Panels and chassis sealed with a rust resistant resin ( Rubberized)

step-7-new-vehicle-parts-assembled-and-fitted-repair-process-barneys-panel-beatersStep 7: New  Vehicles Parts get assembled and ensure that they fit correctly.
Outer Panels gets assembled and ensure that they are inline

step-8-vehicles-ready-to-be-painted-repair-process-barneys-panel-beatersStep 8: Vehicle are ready to be painted now.

Step 9: Spray Primer. (NO PHOTO)
The vechile is sprayed with a primer coat

Step 10: Spray final coat. (NO PHOTO)
The final coat is now applied to the vehicle

step-11-vehicle-delivery-repair-process-barneys-panel-beatersStep 11: Vehicle Delivery.
After final inspection the vechile are ready to be delivered

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